"A recording with an addictive hold" - 2009 (CD Bach-Mozart)

"But the real surprise on this CD is this: the pieces played by the Trio di Clarone, in which Germany’s most famous clarinettist Sabine Meyer, her brother Wolfgang Meyer and her husband Reiner Wehle, celebrate the principle of the clarinet to the highest level of occidental concert culture”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 2009 (Cd JazzKlazz)

"Limitless virtuosity…. in the case of some players of wind instruments, the claim that the instrument be his voice, remains merely a claim. In this trio, it is the pure and brilliant truth.”

Stuttgarter Zeitung 2008

"Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every family reunion were this harmonious – the clarinettist Sabine Meyer, her brother Wolfgang and her husband Reiner Wehle turn each of their encounters into a clarinet feast of pure enthusiastic pleasure."

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung 2005

"As with the “Groupe de Six”, in “Paris Mecanique” - as this programme is called – the borders between serious music and light entertainment swiftly merge. Beside the almost exuberant virtuosity of the four clarinet players, it is the virtually most unusual instrumentations ever, which captivate and enthrall us."
"What a thrilling performance, between repetitive hypnotism, fairground music, silent movies, variety performance and avant-garde which opens our eyes to what crossover can really be."

Donau Kurier Ingolstadt 2005

"Hardly conceivable that there could be a clarinet ensemble anywhere in the world to compare with them in the realm of intelligent expression and tonal beauty.”

Lübecker Nachrichten 2002

"A world class clarinet performance ….a magnificent concert!”

Flensburger Tagesblatt 2002

"In addition to their obvious musicality and virtuosity, the distinguishing feature of all the members is the sheer enthusiasm and exuberance of their performance, expressed in every constellation, whether as a basset horn trio or as a soloist.”

Badisches Tageblatt 2000

"What the Trio di Clarone presented to us at the Lessing Theatre in Wolfenbüttel was exquisite gourmet fare from the finest delicatessen store of music. Sabine Meyer, her husband Reiner Wehle, her brother Wolfgang and Michael Riessler as their special guest, excelled with virtually impeccable technical brilliance. Such a multi-facetted blaze of colour is not often to be found glowing between the tones. These are woodwind players who offer pure indulgence of the senses."

Braunschweiger Zeitung 2000

"A breath-taking occasion of virtuoso instrumental magic to which the audience succumbed with jubilant ovations."

Süddeutsche Zeitung 2000

"And so the evening was one of those absolute godsends in musical experience, which cannot be fathomed – simply a gift.”

Rems Zeitung 2000


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